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Livecams related to volcanoes

If you add a link, please add it in the form: "volcano name livecam of source" and also add it to the related volcano category. Please register on the left side near the bottom for this. Thank you for your contribution!

See on the bottom of the page for a map which is showing all the registered livecams. Klick on this link to get a list of all volcanoes covered in this directory.

Thanks to Fred Rostorfer, Jamie Trouskie, Kevin Rogers, J. Emmelhainz, Jessica Reitano, Simone Genovese, Roz Fordham, Th. u. Chri. Iseli-Mori, Jürgen Emmelhainz, Kent Stewart, François Chataigner, Mike Junker and others for pointing to new or even their own cams!

Thanks also to the different other volcano live cam sites like Stromboli Online, John Seach, Eruptions blog, Volcanism Blog and many more.

And last but not least: the biggest thank you goes of course to the operators of the different volcano live cams! Please click on the pictures for visiting their websites.

Note: The copyright of the integrated livecam pictures belong to the owners of the different sites! Please send a mail to stefan.kuettel(at) if your pictures shouldn't be included in this list and I will remove it.


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